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    B2B Lead Generation

    Datazen Global offers people,
    process & strategy to build
    your Pipeline & bring
    continuous stream of
    qualified leads.

Our Solutions

Proven and scalable B2B lead generation & appointment setting solutions to deliver growth for your business.


Our trained researchers can help you curate and deliver high-quality accounts and contacts data tailored to your {ideal customer profiles}.


We deliver and {schedule MQL/SQL appointments} globally for your B2B products or services with our {multi-touch personalized outreach}.


We help you choose, set up, customize and administer your sales and marketing products like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pardot, Zoho Campaigns etc.

Your Sales Team Should Be Selling

Empower your team to close

Let Datazen Global handle the top-of-funnel and enable your closers to close.


Save your sales champions from mundane work

Lower CAC

Improve your Client Acquisition Cost with near free leads


Scale fast with a flexible leadgen team


Researchers use top tools and smart hacks to generate sales data

Are you looking for new business? Let us help you!

Datazen Global provides an experienced team who align with your team to deliver outstanding results fueled by successful growth strategies.

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Grow Your Business. Fast.

  • Datazen offers the quickest, most-targeted path to market using our Orchestrated Outbound program to deliver qualified sales opportunities directly to your business.
  • We use AI-enabled research, multi-channel outreach, and our proprietary software platform to start sales conversations with your next, best customers.
Companies we connected

Some of the organizations we have connected our partners with

We have activated senior stakeholders at these organizations for our partners’ sales


How Digital Lead Generation Works


Together with you, we dive into your business and create Value Proposition and Ideal Customer Profile.

This is the foundational stage of the project and involves Email and LinkedIn B2B Marketing. Our team will spend time understanding your product, your target segments, buyer personas and co-create appropriate messaging for Outreach B2B lead generation campaign. Your assistance will be needed in conducting product training and providing sales collateral.

“WE GO SPECIFIC” Say goodbye to poorly qualified lead lists.

The research team works with you to source-target accounts and decision-maker data based on ideal customer profiles (ICPs). We take in account every single data criteria, intent data, market signals add it with HPMI (human powered market intelligence) to deliver a fully bespoke, human-driven data enrichment, as needed, for any situation to deliver results as quickly as possible.


Pairing seasoned data Researchers with smart tools, we can identify hundreds of potential Clients per week.


We set up a targeted campaign to touch Clients via email, LinkedIn, socials or phone. You will only need to convert highly interested warm leads.

Create strategic, well-crafted email sequences and LinkedIn messages that move prospects to respond and start a conversation. Content development team designs and optimize one-on-one messaging, pitches and call scripts for multi-touch outreach.

If the prospect connected through LinkedIn or Email B2B lead generation campaign is, curious or interested to know more about your products, the conversation shall be passed on to a subject matter expert from your organization. This will normally be done by setting up a meeting or blocking up a time in prospects calendar.


And A/B testing. You will obtain hot leads and sales meetings daily. But we don’t stop improving and optimizing our smart outreach. Your Sales Journey starts here.

Why we are different

Our vision of how to develop a premium Partnership
with favorite Clients:


Our vision is to bring results, not to send you merely report tables. We believe in a unique approach to each account.


Passion, purpose and perseverance are most of what makes us take that extra mile in achievement 


We trust our employees and listen to our Clients. We deliver passion and experience as part of the solution.


We uphold the highest standards of virtue in everything we do with upmost responsibility and care

When will you get new Clients?

What monthly results do I obtain?

Generation of 1000’s potential clients contacts per week that meet your ICP

5-15 sales appointments

An outreach campaign for LinkedIn, Drip and email Sequences

A/B testing, copywriting, audit and amending of email delivery, health monitoring, weekly reports, daily communication via Slack, Skype, or Telegram.

A dedicated team of SDR, Researcher, and CSM

An online real-time dashboard 

Uniquely sets us apart

How we are different

1. Prospecting

2. Copywriting

3. Testing

4. Reporting

5. Time to launch


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